Governing Circle

A seven-member Governing Circle guides the NCTR. These members:

  • Ensure Indigenous people are in control over the materials
  • Provide guidance on policies, activities, ceremonies, and protocols
  • Provide guidance on ways to increase the Centre’s records, materials, and resources.
  • Provide support on accessing the Centre’s records, materials, and resources

Three members of the Governing Circle represent Survivors and their families or ancestors (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis). Two members represent the University of Manitoba. Two members represent other NCTR partner organizations. Members of the Governing Circle serve two-year terms that may be renewed. At all times, a majority of members on the circle must be Indigenous.

Survivors’ Circle

Residential School Survivors gave Indigenous and non-Indigenous people the opportunity to begin this journey; the gift of Reconciliation. It was Survivors that demanded government and church entities to be held responsible and held accountable for their actions. They also called for the creation of the TRC. Survivors are the foundation of Truth and Reconciliation work in this country.

A seven-member Survivors’ Circle guides the NCTR. These members:

  • Ensure that Survivors’ voices and perspectives remain central to NCTR programs and policies
  • Provides guidance and advice to the NCTR, the Governing Circle, the University of Manitoba, and partners on anything important to the broader Survivor community